“Mad Max” is One Action-Packed Ride


Mad Max is one of the greatest action films to date.

Since the dawn of blockbusters, every decade has had its own respective action movie that eventually becomes a landmark piece of cinema. In the 80’s there was “Die Hard”, the 90’s had “Independence Day” and the 00’s were able to boast “The Dark Knight.”

Mad Max Fury Road is not only the best action film of the 2010’s but also one of the greatest action pieces ever put to screen. Director George Miller brings audiences his newest interpretation in the zany Mad Max series and in effect has set the bar high, virtually unreachable, for any action based film to come.

There is quite simply nothing like this movie in existence today. While the three previous three Mad Max movies are beloved for their lunatic characters and campy action, today they serve more as a backdrop, an excuse for the chaos that is Fury Road.

Before viewing, one must know exactly what kind of journey they are about to embark on, as those unfamiliar with the post-apocalyptic will most likely leave the theatre unsure of what they just witnessed. To those who do not know, Mad Max follows an Australian police officer struggling to find order and eventually survival in a post-apocalyptic world run by crazed cult like groups obsessed with gasoline and water.

There are a variety of reasons why Fury Road is so excellent. For one, the set pieces and costumes are incredible. Whether it be the detailed costumes or elaborate set pieces, every tangible object in the film only helps the audience immerse themselves in the chaos.

Three solid performances, Tom Hardy as Max, Charlize Theron as Imperator Furiosa and Nicholas Hoult as Nux, help bolster the pictures deep sense of character development.

Also there is a blind man who rides on top of a car and shoots flames out of his electric guitar. Yes, that looks just as cool as it sounds.

Mad Max is one of the greatest action films to date.
Mad Max is one of the greatest action films to date.

Above all, however, Mad Max is a visually driven, no pun intended, motion picture. Whether it is the stunning wide shots of the desolate landscape or the intense tracking shots, the camerawork in this film only enhances its furious pace.

Combined with an epic score and stunts that normally should not be attempted by any human, the elements of Fury Road will leave viewers with their jaws on the floor and heads spinning.