Student Athletes Shine at Sports Banquet


Seniors Liz Hubbard, Megan Anderson and junior Courtney Herzog talk to their softball coach Matthew Quinn during the banquet portion of the night.

From Co-ed volleyball winning the division to beating RMHS once again in football, RHS athletics has plenty to celebrate.

The May 19 varsity banquet was a celebration and tribute to all the hard work our athletes have put in throughout the year. This year, various varsity sports teams and coaches had to say goodbye to the class 2015.

As varsity lacrosse coach Caitlin Ulmer awarded senior Jenna Welkie the coaches award and senior Nicki Pender the player of the year award, she expressed what a loss it would be for the team once these four-year varsity players were gone.

“Nicki is a threata�� I am scared for the offense next year without Nicki,” Ulmer said. “Jenna runs the defense, she tells everyone where to go and what to do. Just like I am scared for the offense without Nicki I am scared for the defense without Jennaa��I am actually scared for everything without Jenna.”

Aside from cheerleading, every other sports team was saying goodbye to many talented seniors. Girls lacrosse will be nine players short starting next season, football is losing 17 senior players and the pom squad will say goodbye to eight of their dancers. Although the teams will experience a tremendous loss, they continue to have high hopes for the future.

Varsity boys lacrosse coach Lorenz Lancaster said, “I didn’t think this season was going to go as well as it dida��we had a young team. This year we started three freshmen and three sophomores.” Now, Lancaster has high hopes for the future as he has seen the talent in his younger varsity players.

Lancaster also showed his appreciation for the senior players on the team, giving senior Kellen Cremins the coaches award. Cremins received this award from varsity basketball coach Steve Watson as well.

“It was honor to be recognized in this way from two of my coaches that have been such a key part of my Rockville sporting career. It showed me that through the years I not only grew as a player, but also as a leader, and they saw that too,” Cremins said.

This night showed gratitude for the RHS class of 2015 athletes, and celebrated all the hard work that every sports team has put into the 2014-2015 season.

–Photos by Mercy Fosah