Students Establish Music Lover’s Association


Students meet during lunch to discuss songs, MVs and everything music. — Melissa Holler

German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche once said, “Without music, life would be an error.” Indeed, Mr. Nietzsche’s vision may be a bit extreme, but he does have a point. Music is one of the, if not the, most internationally popular mediums of expression, and now RHS has created a group to appreciate it fully: the Music Lover’s Association.

Created by musically aware students Nailah Frye and John Wambach, the Music Lovers Association serves as a forum for musical discussion and speculation. Meetings are held on Thursdays during lunch in English teacher Carrie Vieira’s room, and students are free to discuss everything from new music to musical theory. According to the Music Lover Association’s Facebook group, “The purpose of this group is to discuss and explore different types of independent music.”

Students meet during lunch to discuss songs, MVs and everything music. -- Melissa Holler

Vieira is the group’s staff sponsor, but she insists that it is the students who run the group. “[Nailah and John] founded the group. I just love music, and think it is a great opportunity to share music,” said Vieira. Vieira is an avid music fan, making her a prime candidate to sponsor the group.

More than just allowing students to voice their own opinions on music, the Music Lover’s Association serves as a means of exposing students to music they may have never heard of or indulged in before. “I hear about a lot of great music that I probably would have never known before,” said senior Zachary Michaeloff. Michaeloff cited this feature as his main reason for joining the group.

Overall, the Music Lover’s Association provides solace for every individual in the pursuit of creating the ultimate music library. Whether discussing the newest single from an indie band, or getting a chance to listen to one of a superstar’s hidden classics, the Music Lover’s Association gives everyone a chance to expand and expound on their musical tastes. Nietzche would be proud.