Casting Call for New Inferno Leader Still Unanswered


Revamping the idea of a student cheer section during the 2012-2013 school year, the Inferno has become a more than just a group of individuals rooting for their classmates during sporting events.

This tight-knit group of RHS students has become a community that loves to show their school pride at each game. Alumnus Teddy Pilarz (2013) revived the idea of the “Inferno,” which represents a fiery group of fans. The organization, however, is now in search for a new leader.

The Inferno leader not only leads student chants throughout games, but also designs Inferno t-shirts, runs the Facebook group, and gets fans enthusiastic about games.

“When I was a senior, the Inferno was a great way to get all Rockville students in one place to cheer on our school. It’s important that the tradition keep going after the Inferno leader leaves,” Teddy said.

After the end of the 2015 school year, the RHS student fan base will need to search for a new leader since current Inferno leader senior Tommy Pilarz will be graduating and attending Pennsylvania State University.

“I’m looking for someone to take my place as the Inferno leader and produce the type of energy that has been created over the past few years,” Pilarz said.

While no one has stepped up to become the new Inferno leader as of yet, students are hopeful that one lucky individual will provide the school with leadership and excitement in order to attract students to RHS sporting events.

“It’s important for someone to step up next year, because without an Inferno leader, it will be difficult to organize and manage the student section as a whole,” junior J.T. Doyle said.

If you are interested in becoming the new leader of the Inferno, you should get in contact with Tommy as soon as possible to begin arrangements for next year’s sporting events.