Parents On Using Uber For Children

Most people when thinking of Uber think of the affordable and efficient alternative to public transportation. What people don’t realize is that some parents dare to use Uber for transporting their kids.

Where some parents may not feel comfortable putting their kids in a car with a stranger, Sue Golletz has used uber for her kids numerous times for special occasions. The exception is Golletz knows the driver personally and finds him to be trustworthy and safe for her two 13 year old boys to ride with.

“I don’t have to drive [my kids], or change my schedule to fit theirs, this way using Uber is just convenient,” Golletz said.

On the contrary, some parents don’t believe in using Uber for their kids at all. RHS English teacher Catherine Byrne who has three boys doesn’t like the idea of using Uber for her kids at all.

“I’ve only used Uber once for me and my husband, never would I use it for just my kids. You’re taking a risk putting your kids with someone you’ve never met,” Byrne said.

Similar to Byrne, some RHS students don’t like the idea of their parents using Uber for rides. “It would be weird if I had to ride in Uber to my soccer practice or to a friends house,” junior Carlos Piedrasanta said.

Although Uber has it benefits with its easy access through the Uber app, and its a great way to get somewhere responsibly, it may not be the most ideal thing to use for kids.