Female Players Enter the Ice Rink

For the first time in RAM hockey history, there are two female players on the team. Head coach Mike Gifford and the team have adjusted to incorporate the new players and build on their record of 5-5-1.

Johanna Trout and Chrisse Chavose are freshmen at Magruder HS who have been playing travel hockey for four seasons as forwards. Last year, they both played on the Pride under-14 team but Trout was then moved up to the under-16 team while Chavose was still on under-14. Now they are back on the ice together after making the RAM Varsity hockey team.

On the RAM hockey team, it is unusual for females to participate, al though it is allowed. This situation may be considered odd by some, but to Chavose and Trout it is no big deal.

“It’s a lot of fun to play against huge guys and see what you’re capable of doing as a tiny freshman girl,” Trout said. In five games, Trout has scored one goal and has been penalized for only two minutes. Chavose has a more aggres sive style, which accounts for her four minutes in penalties.

The two are treated the same as everyone else on the team and play their hardest. Junior Erik Blautzik has adjusted to playing with the two this season and has no problem with it.

“It was interesting at first, but as I got to know them as teammates I taught myself to treat them the same as the rest of the players on the team,” Blautzik said.

The team has been on and off throughout the season, but there is lots of potential according to Gifford. “We have lots of players that have been work ing on new strategies to stop high scoring offenses to score on us,” Gifford said.

The team starts playoffs Feb. 11 as they hope to advance to the next round and keep the season alive. The playoff games are all single-elimination so the team has been getting “hyped” in order to play their best this season.