Changed Logo Sparks Reactions from Students

An “R” can stand for just about anything, while the ram embodies RHS. Through the years, RHS has always been known for the tough and fierce ram.

A simple block letter “R” can be misleading because it could rep resent anything that starts with an “R,” including RHSa�� rival, Richard Montgomery HS. The ram that represented pride in RHS is vanishing right before our eyes.

Many students feel that the ram logo needs more prominence. “The ram is what people know [RHS] for,” junior Andrew Brown said. “Rammy needs to make a comeback.”

Despite students’ affection for Rammy, some people enjoy the change. “We’re starting to use the block “R”more because we prefer it,” athletic director Michael Hayes said.

RHSa�� football team has substituted the traditional ram horns for the new “R” two years in a row now. But when looking at professional sports teams in the area, like the Capitals and Redskins, neither of the two use a single letter as their logo. Instead, they use their actual mascot like the name implies.

Considering this aspect of professionalism, it is essential that the ram be used as the logo, especially with the ram’s tough personality and horns. The horns show power and just the right amount of intimidation, to be the perfect mascot for RHS. It hurts to see such weak replacement for such a com manding symbol.

Throughout RHS, students have been preferring one logo over the other. The new logo is being preferred so much that it is even been used for all the t-shirts made this year for the staff. It is sad to see Rammy fading out of preference even with the teachers.

Over time, the school seems to be seeing less and less of the fuzzy ram mascot we have all grown to love. Only time will tell if Rammy’s fate is permanently sealed.