NFL Opens Up Conversation On Domestic Abuse

After NFL twelve players of the National Football League (NFL) were arrested for domestic abuse awareness of the issue spread. While this awareness has stirred up controversy, it has also increased the integrity of the league as well as its players.

The pivotal incident was when former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice punching and dragging his wife from an elevator. After the offseason Rice was released from his contract with the Ravens in September. This began an NFL investigation into the lives of NFL players that led to the suspension of notable players such as Greg Hardy and Adrian Peterson.

Actions have been taken to ensure that something like this will not happen again. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell implemented a policy requiring all players and team staff to undergo training that revolves around preventing abuse. However, for domestic violence to truly end, the idea that professional football players are immune to the law has to be eradicated.

“As much as I respect the majority of those who play in the NFL, I feel that they believe that they are above the law and therefore resort to acting based on this thought,” senior Bohdan Bartsch said.

If there has been any silver lining to the abuse, it has been that it has opened the public’s eyes to what goes on in the lives of these athletes. This has in turn allowed for there to be more eyes on athletes in both college and even high school. Although the consequences are more severe at the pro level, it is important that the same message is sent to athletes at all levels.

“While none of the players on our team do anything even close to domestic abuse, it is important that we get the message to them that just because they our athletes they will never be above the same law as anyone else,” varsity football coach Jason Lomax said.

Athletes of all ages must adhere to the simple fact that athletic talent does not put one at a different level of legal immunity. However, it is equally important that athletes understand the consequences that these actions can have. The reason to refrain from domestic abuse should not be simply because people are finally taking note to it. Everyone must understand the significance that one’s actions can have.