Boys Varsity Basketball Against Northwood

Coming off the back of a close 43-48 Boys JV Basketball win against Northwood at NHS, the stage was set for the Boys Varsity game between Rockville and NHS. Both teams are struggling to find good form with both teams having losing records.

Before the game junior guard Essex Thompson was suffering from an ankle injury and has slowly reaching complete fitness. But according to Thompson “I’m feeling good. I was recovering but I am 100 percent today.” The last time Thompson faced NHS he managed to score 39 points in their home victory on January 6th 2015 when RHS won 83-77 against the traveling NHS.

The starting lineup for NHS was Ashango, Rucker, Herron, Mbaye and Leville, coached by Anthony Dickens. The RHS starting lineup was junior guard Ben Weibusch, senior guard Rakeem Hoy-Farria, junior forward Essex Thompson, junior forward Andrew Brown and senior forward Kellen Cremins coached by Steven Watson.

Rockville started off the first quarter very well scoring twice as much as the home team. Rockville managed to get most of their defensive rebounds limiting NHSa�� scoring opportunities. Junior Guard Wiebusch led the scoring with 10 points in the first quarter with 10 points, followed by Rockville’s forward Junior Thompson, and NHSa�� Leville both with 8 points.

Northwood was unable to shorten the gap in the second quarter when Rockville increased the gap to 15 points instead of the 12 in the first quarter. Anthony Bailey managed to get on the court as the freshman guard has only been on the team since December 29th 2014 after being moved up from JV. Northwood tried to get their rhythm going by bringing on 3 new players, but was flawed by RHSa�� three point shooters.

As the half came to an end the score was the home team NHS with 25 and the visitors RHS with 40. The Rockville fan section was confident that their trip to NHS would end with a RHS victory.

As the third quarter began it seems NHS managed to find their groove. Their offensive and defensive rebounds managed to increase their scoring opportunities in which they capitalized on. As NHS guard Leveillie managed to knock down 7 points, as well as NHS guard Rucker who scored 5. The quarter ended NHS 42 RHS 54.

NHS guard Leveille continued his scoring streak into the third quarter as he scored another 7 points. But his efforts as well as those of his NHS teammates were not enough to take the lead as junior guard Wiebusch 5 points and RHSa�� ability to make their free throws led to an away victory for the Rams as the game ended NHS 52, RHS 63.

The travelling RHS fans were very happy with the win; “Awesome game” sophomore Nate Marshal said, “Great effort from the whole team.” Similarly the RHS players were happy as well. Junior guard Valentin Milloch who scored 6 said; “It was an intense game and we are happy with the win.” The satisfaction of the win carried on to RHSa�� coach Watson who said, “We played well, it was a good win, and I’m happy.”