Boys Varsity Basketball Beats Seneca Valley in Last 11 Seconds

After a tough game, boys varsity basketball won Jan. 23 against Seneca Valley HS. A strong turn around in the second half was all that was needed for the Rams to take away a win.

With time running out, in the final minutes of the game senior forward Kellen Cremins took a shot and missed. The crowd was on their toes as he grabbed the ball for the rebound and scored the final basket to win the game. With only 11 seconds remaining, the score was 58-57.

Even though the last point was scored on a rebound, the team was weak in that area throughout the game.

“We are constantly talking about rebounds because we are not a very big team [physically],” coach Steve Watson said, “That’s always something that we have to focus on.” The team has been lacking in rebounds all season long.

The game started off poorly for the Rams as they gave up many points. All through the first half, the Rams were down. For three and a half minutes, the Rams did not let the Screamina�� Eagles score a single point. After that, their game really improved and the opposing team came back.

Forward freshman Josh Deville struggled in the Seneca Valley game. He gave up five points in his three minutes of playing time and was quickly benched.

“I think my game was off but I plan to work really hard in practice in the coming weeks to improve for the rest of the season,” Deville said.

The Rams won against Watkins Mill Jan. 28, improving to a 5-8 record. The Screaming Eagles played Northwood Jan. 28, and Watkins Mill Jan. 29. They won both games, improving to a 7-6 record. (52)

Freshman Parker Shugars is a regular at the RHS games. He said, “I would give the season an 8 [out of 10] because we have been doing relatively well, even though we lost our key game to Richard Montgomery HS.”

Last year, the Rams were 10-3, while this season they are 5-8. That is a major drop, but since they have lost many good players like alumnus Brian Ball (2014), it was anticipated of them. Nonetheless, the turnaround of the Rams in the third quarter was strong.