Jazz Ensemble to Perform at Towson for Festival

The Jazz ensemble will be performing in the Jazz Festival at Towson University on Jan.16. This is not their first time going to Towson and they are well prepared.

They have been preparing by rehearsing in class every day. The students will also be going in on Thursday after the last exam for an extra rehearsal. “We practice everyday and use our previous performances as learning experiences,” said senior band member John Jordan III.

Junior band member Matt Hoffman looks forward to performing this Friday. “This is my second year in jazz and my first time going to Towsona��I think we’ll do well but it’s not being scored or anything,” said Hoffman.

The band will be performing the songs “Spain” and “Got Rhythm?”. They have already played these songs in previous band concerts, so they just need to brush-up on them Thursday after the final exam.

After the jazz ensemble performs at Towson, the festival will host clinics. “We can sit in and talk about jazz, soloing and theory, which I think is kind of cool,” said Hoffman.

“I expect us to play well a�� this will be a great opportunity for the jazz students to improve on that performance and get great feedback from some outstanding jazz educators,” said Instrumental Music Director Phillip Barnes.