Qdoba’s Overcrowding Taco Tuesdays


Qdoba is the newest place students rush to after school on “Taco Tuesdays”. Unfortunately, its popularity has grown so much that parking is very limited.

“The parking lot at RHS is crazy and Qdoba’s parking is so small that I’m worried about getting my car scratched,” senior John Lopes said.

Depending on the day, groups of students plan to go to certain restaurants with their friends. On Tuesdays, it’s Qdoba. The Tex-Mex grill gives all students, including those in college, a 50 percent discount on their meal. Also, any additional toppings which would usually lead to additional costs are free. The cheap incentive pulls students to come back every Tuesday.

More students are starting to be involved with the trend. Specifically, underclassmen who do not drive ask friends to give them a ride. Usually, tables get full quickly so students are forced to eat their meal outside or take it to go.

Senior Carlos Hernandez said, “I like to enjoy Qdoba with friends, but if someone takes it to go then it’s pointless.”

It is not just Qdoba Tuesdays that pull students in, but also Dunkin Donuts Monday mornings and Wingstop Wednesdays. Students enjoy eating good food that is different from the cafeteria menu.

These money-saving incentives motivate students take advantage of these local restaurants. Besides, students use them as a way to raise money for club fundraisers. Clubs like SADD and NHS have had Chipotle fundraisers, and The Rampage is planning a fundraiser for March. Students’ money is not just being spent for their enjoyment, but to help the RHS club community.

Unfortunately, students spend a lot of money driving to school and they will be spending more if they drive every day to go out to eat. It is fun to eat out with friends, but not necessary every day.