NAHS Paints School Mural in Courtyard

Art students are leaving their mark in the form of an eccentric mural planned by RHSa�� National Art Honor Society (NAHS) chapter. Designed by junior NAHS member Clarissa Libertelli, the mural will display several art pieces created by both members of NAHS and the general student body.

Art teacher Connie Zammett is the sponsor of NAHS and oversees this project. “In any creative process you want there to be high quality, but you want to include everybody, so we were looking for a design that even non-painters or non-drawers could contribute something to,” Zammett said.

The mural’s theme will be a “confrontation with creativity” as it features many surreal designs. The focus will be on a freakish bunny confronting them all with only a paintbrush as a weapon.

“I think it will be really good,” Libertelli said. “It’s designed in a way that each person will have their own space to contribute something unique and interesting. Not only will it be inclusive, it will really display the talent of many students.”

Last year, NAHS members started to create the mural and primed the walls in the art courtyard, but the project was never finished. When members decided to finish it this year, they focused on single wall. The group held meetings to discuss the design, and decided that in combination with the submissions from NAHS members, students in art classes were asked to draw patterns to be incorporated into the mural, looking to Aztec designs for inspiration.

Students are enjoying the group project. “I think it’s good to have collaborative ideas working on the mural because we can get more of the image of who we are as Rockville, rather than who we are as individuals,” NAHS President senior Lydia Barr said.

Other murals have been commissioned around the school in places such as under the main stairs as well as an “Inferno” themed mural outside the main gym. Some NAHS members are also involved in the creation of a mural in the guidance office.

“The murals are a great chance to make the school a little more interesting a�� I think it’s a great chance for students to leave their mark on the school, and also for students to help beautify the school,” Zammett said.