The Survivor’s Guide To Power Outage Boredom


Reading that book your english teacher assigned for 2 weeks now may be a good idea during a power outage. — Stephen Ezequiel

Most people have experienced those dreaded power outages, and it seems as though the electric company takes forever to restore the power. So, here are some things you can do while you wait for the power to come back on.

Power outages can be extremely irritating, because it seems as if there is nothing to do except eat the ice cream that is melting in the freezer. “[Power outages are] annoying because you have no electricity and so then you are stuck at homea�� when my power goes off I just sleep the whole day,” said senior Ghisleyne Cabrera.

No video games? No problem, you can always play some Monopoly, Scrabble or Hide and Go Seek (if you have no boredom games). They might not be as exciting as Call of Duty, but it is a fun way to hang around with your friends and family and pass the time.

Do not waste your remaining battery life on your cell phone yelling at the person from the electric company, but call around to see if a friend has power. “[My friend] has this huge generator that he hooks up his refrigerator to, and he also hooks up his big screen TV and Xbox,” said senior Keith Kitsoulis.

Reading that English novel assigned two weeks from now may be a good idea during a power outage. -- Stephen Ezequiel

When was the last time you really read a book? When the power is out and your e-reader is not charged, you can always bring out a good book and read it by the candlelight, just like your great grandparents used to do.

During a power outage, it is not just losing power that really affects people, but it is also the severe cold to be suffered through. Therefore, it is always a good idea to bundle up. Another way to beat the cold is to light the fireplace, unless, of course it is electric, in which case you better bring out the jackets.

However, if these tips do not help you during a power outage, you can always prepare before you lose power. “Once it starts raining and the weather starts getting bad, I charge my phone and computer so when the power goes out I have [my phone and computer to keep me entertained],” said senior Andrea Cristaldo.