National Honors Society to Introduce Changes, Including Inducting Sophomores

NHS changes conclude in a new focus on sophomores and juniors being inducted in one ceremony per year.

NHS (National Honor Society) changed the grade level of the inductees and the number of ceremonies in a year. NHS at RHS is composed of the top 10 percent of students in the school. Previously, juniors and seniors were the only ones inducted into the society.

There were also two ceremonies held. One was held in the fall, another was held in the spring. Now, there is a focus on having only one induction in the spring. This allows sophomores to become inducted and be a part of the society beginning their junior year.

According to Sutter, this changes the focus to sophomores and juniors. “This could potentially lead to not worrying about not having full force the beginning of each year in the society with it’s members,” Sutter said.

This change will not change the requirements nor the standards needed to enter the society. To enter the society, one must have at least a cumulative GPA of a 3.0 and a weighted of a 3.5. Being evaluated sophomore year is about the same as being evaluated in the beginning of junior year.

According to senior member of the society Zora Williams, this change will benefit the promotion of the induction. “It makes it one exclusive event instead of two, where the supplies needed to carry out two could be used only on one,” Williams said.

According to Sutter, this is a good change. Having an induction in the spring allows full membership by the middle of October, allowing the society to begin with projects and events right in the beginning of the year instead of later in the year.

Currently, the society is raising money for suicide prevention awareness and hope that this new change will allow more focus on projects done in the society then the constant accepting of new membership throughout the year.