Chuck Reese: State-Record Quarterback

In 2013, then junior Chuck Reese threw a record eight touchdown passes the most in a single high school game in Maryland, in a 64-41 RHS victory over Magruder HS. The Maryland Public Secondary Schools Athletic Association (MPSSAA) verified that his 480 single-game passing yards were also a state-record set on the same day.

Unfortunately, Reese’s single-game passing yards record only lasted one week when Wootton HSa�� Sam Ellis surpassed Reese’s record in a Wootton HS vs. RHS game, throwing 557 passing yards in a single game. Chad Palmer Jr. tied Reese’s state record for most touchdown passes in a single game in a Sept. 26 match between Westlake HS and La Plata HS in Southern Maryland.

Reese currently leads Montgomery County in total passing yards with 3233.

Reese said he had no idea if he was in any position to break any new records this season, and was not focused on personal records. His goals for the season were more on making the playoffs.

This season there was a feeling among the players on the varsity football team that they were more cohesive than last year’s team. Some of the players on the team say they could attribute their success to the friendships and mutual commitment they share this year.

When Reese first started playing football for RHS, he said, he did not think that he would be playing quarterback. Setting or holding any passing records did not even cross his mind. Reese said, “I didn’t even know any of this was possible until last year.”

This season, the team stayed very positive, and their record was in line with their preseason prediction, with 7-2 wins. The players showed improvement and became better teammates from week to week.

Varsity assistant coach Jason Lomax said, “I don’t think Chuck leaving will affect us at all. All we need to do is plug the next guy in and keep doing what we’re doing. We just need to believe in ourselves.”

When asked about his success as a quarterback despite his smaller size in comparison to others Reese responded playfully, “I have a great line, great receivers and great coaching. That’s really all there is to being a good quarterback. But it also helps when you’re this fast and when God blesses you with a rocket launcher for a left arm.”

In addition, the RHS wide receivers were playmakers and a big part of Reese’s success. They made long, deceiving and witting runs as well as receiving punts. The better they played and the more skilled they became, the easier it was for Reese.