RHS Counseling Department Takes to Twitter

Reaching out to students and offering care and support is the main concern for the counselors at RHS. To do this the counseling at RHS has created a Twitter account just to do this. The account posts reminders, dates, and deadlines for the convince of students.

The idea has been used at many other schools and for good reason. Due to students relying on social media and electronics to communicate the twitter account attempts to make itself known on one of the most popular social media sites used at RHS; twitter.

The twitter account has been up for a couple weeks thanks to Resource Counselor Alejandra Crawley. Crawley has noticed other schools have twitter accounts for their counseling offices so she took action to make one for RHS. “I’m personally new to twitter” Crawley said “I hope it grows into something bigger” similar to accounts at other schools such as Damascus that tweets regularly.

The account posts reminders for College Readiness Day, Open houses, and College Planning. They also remind students of transcript and counselor letter deadlines, and Diagnostic Accuplacer deadlines. They also post articles and blogs from usnews.com and the washingtonpost.com.

The account also retweet tweets from accounts such as the Federal Student Aid account, AP for students account, Official SAT QOTD account, College Board, and SAT program. These tweets offer SAT questions of the day, SAT facts, AP exam stats, and financial aid facts.

Junior at RHS Robin Clarke likes the idea of an account for the RHS counseling office. “Prior to this year I have sent various emails to my counselor regarding my schedule, meetings, and deadlines. Now I can just tweet them questions and keep updated without going through my crowded email.”

Parents like the idea too. Leena Clark is interested in the idea that students can pay attention to counseling offices and other things they would overlook if they didn’t follow an account like this. “Students would to much better in school if the paid at least half of the attention to their classes than they did on their phones.”

Some students like the idea of this new account, but not many of them know and an account for the RHS counseling office exists. As of know the account only has at staggering number of 5 followers. If students, staff, and parents knew about a Twitter account like this existed the probability of it growing would be exponential. Follow the RHS Counseling office twitter account at @Counseling_RHS.