Powderpuff Grows; Annual Event Now Includes Underclassmen

For the first time in history, all four grades at RHS will particpate in the annual powderpuff football game.

Nov. 10, freshmen will be facing off against sophomores at 6 p.m., then juniors will be going up against seniors for the night’s main event at 7 p.m.

This idea was proposed to SGA sponsor Katherine Gross by principal Billie-Jean Bensen at the beginning of the year.

Bensen believes more students will be enthusiastic about the event than in previous years since all grades can now play.

Gross pointed out that some of the 2014 seniors ditched last year’s game and that excitement for this event in the past has been lacking. Over half the seniors that planned on attending the game ended up skipping as a part of their “senior prank.” They tailgated in the parking lot across from RHS.

Gross said, “This will make freshmen and sophomores more excited about powderpuff. They’ll also get an idea of how to play in the main event in the future. It’s a good learning experience.”

Sophomore Maggie Reese said, “If a bunch of seniors skipped last year’s game that their own grade took part in, I don’t see why I would come to this year’s event if my grade wasn’t able to play in it.” After learning that all grades are to be included this year, however, Reese changed her perspective on the event.

“I really want to sign up now,” Reese said.

With all four grades taking part in the powderpuff game, sales will increase with the number of participators and supporters for those students going up. All proceeds will be going to sophomore David Robinson, who has osteosarcoma in his leg, and his family.