Community Runs to Raise Money for Newspaper

Community members and students alike are lacing up their running shoes in preparation for the annual Rampace 5K Nov. 22. All proceeds from the race will go to the Rampage.

The Rampace offers many activities in addition to the marathon. The Rockville Pipe Band led by Lisa Frazier will march the runners to the starting line. The band “Beyond Broken,” made up of juniors Michael Silverglade, Matt Hoffman and senior Konrad Swartz, will play at the finish line. Also, there will be a raffle and the Booster Club will sell hot drinks and food.

Printing costs for the Rampage are between $10,000 and $12,000 each year. The funds are raised through advertising, subscriptions and fundraisers. As is tradition, the Rampace plays a crucial role in fundraising because it raises around half of the total funds needed. The race costs $20 for students and $30 for adults, which includes a race T-shirt for those who pre-registered. The course runs from the RHS stadium to the Civic Center along Baltimore Rd.

“The course is very relaxing and for an experienced runner like me, I think that is an important factor for success,” senior Billy Kirk said. Kirk came in first for the Rampace last year and has been on the cross country, indoor track and track team in his high school career.

Math teacher Staci Lang has been a timer for the race for several years. Her children, who are now in college, participated in the Rampace as well. Lang decided to be a timer because of the joy she gets seeing her students and fellow teachers cross the finish line. “It’s just great to see everyone in the community coming out to support the Rampage,” Lang said. Lang and track coach Karl Kraus will continue as timers this year.

Last year, almost 300 people signed up for the Nov. 4 race. Junior Marco Ramirez, who is a member of the RHS indoor track team, did not participate last year but plans on doing so this year.

“I do enjoy to run often, but I wouldn’t have thought to sign up if it wasn’t for all the great things I’ve heard about the Rampace from my friends,” Ramirez said.