Hispanic Club Hosts 4th Annual Hispanic Night


People brought a wide variety of foods to share at the event.

A cafeteria full of food, colorful decorations, cultural music, dancing, students and families; RHSa�� Hispanic club hosted their fourth annual Hispanic Night Oct. 10.

The main purpose of this event is to bring cultural awareness of the Hispanic community at RHS to other members of the Rockville community. Spanish teacher and club sponsor Silvia Juarez said, “It is beautiful to see all the different countries come together and be so proud to present where they come from a�� and wanting to share it with everyone else.”

The event is designed to look at the different countries and traditions within the Hispanic culture. There was a potluck dinner where families and students brought food from all different Spanish-speaking countries, including several types of rice, empanadas and tres leches cake.

This year there were dances performed by students from different countries such as Mexico and Bolivia. Also, the Latin dance team did a dance with a mix of the newest Spanish songs. A few of the performers wore colorful costumes.

Senior Alfredo Rivera attended the event as leader of the Latin Dance Team and as secretary of the Hispanic club. “My favorite part is the performances because I like to performa�� and be a part of a group that contributes to the success of [Hispanic Night],” Rivera said.

Decorations and posters filled the cafeteria’s walls and tables. The decorations were, for the most part, homemade and contained bright colors and designs. There were placemats set out on the tables that had questions about the different countries.

Hispanic Night also served as a fundraiser for a scholarship that is given to one Hispanic senior who has shown growth throughout high school and has been able to overcome challenges.

“I think Hispanic night was successful because we had a lot of participation from a variety of students, it wasn’t just Hispanic students and also we raised a lot of money for the Hispanic scholarship,” senior, Hispanic club president Jennifer Lopes said. (43)

This is one of Hispanic club’s largest events all school year, so it took weeks of preparation. Everything was made through volunteer work. Families and students brought food and made decorations.

The event was not only for the Hispanic community, it was for anyone to enjoy Hispanic culture. “It is important to have this event because it gives students the opportunity to feel pride for where they come from and I think it increases their self-esteem,” Juarez said.