New Computer Science Class

In the coming school year, 11 new Montgomery County high schools are getting new computer science offerings.

In partnership with, the effort was put into effect in March to increase computer use and learning among minorities. is an organization that is devoted to drawing attention to the learning gap in computer science.

At RHS for the past few years, IED and Foundations of Technology are the only courses that can get students their mandatory technology credit. Now, a new course will be offered called “Foundations of Computer Science” to expand options and interest new kids in the topic. Right now there is only one period of the class, but as awareness spreads there is hope that more students will enroll in the course.

“Computers are going to influence our lives more and more so learning how to program and use these computers in a real way is just so important,” teacher David Baker said of his new class.

Senior Lisa Da��Souza is taking the class this year and finds it quite valuable. She is in Project Lead the Way classes and has always wanted to try computer science and programing.

“Foundations of Computer Science is helping me to look at computer science and decide whether I would like it as a career option,” Da��Souza said.

If all goes well, more schools in the county and around the country will be signing on with next year.