MyMCPS Set To Replace Edline

Schools throughout the county plan to eliminate Edline and other similar programs in an effort to reduce the use of private companies which will save MCPS money typically spent on subscriptions.

Staff development teacher Debra Plaisance said, “Technology changes so much, so the whole point is to put everything together.”

In a Q&A from “Sneak Peek” MCPS officials answered many questions about the status of MyMCPS and how schools will make a transition onto the software. The old MyMCPS was only used by teachers, administrators and staff, where they could use information pertaining to their role at the school. However, the new software will enable school to home communication, sharing work and documenting grades in a pie chart format.

Although the launch was planned for the beginning of this school year, it has temporarily been put on hold and is projected to come into effect next semester. RHS offered to be among the seven schools to pilot this new software and the rest of MCPS will soon adopt the software.

“[MyMCPS] will foster more collaboration among students and teachers,” social studies resource teacher Rene Shuler said.

The feed on MyMCPS imitates the appearance of social media sites like facebook, where students can see notifications about upcoming assignments and tests. Students will also be able to communicate and make groups to help each other with assignments. Teachers can place students into groups to promote collaboration during group projects. Also, students will have a planner for all their assignments color coded by classes.

Shuler also noted that the transition to MyMCPS is supposed to be seamless and straightforward. However, sophomore Malvi Rajput said, “It’s really frustrating to change softwares in the middle of the year.”

Once the county launches this system, staff will spend a week becoming familiar with the software. Then, the school will most likely offer student and parent training. Additionally, parents with multiple kids in MCPS will be able to view all their children’s profiles without making separate accounts.

Once students enter the MyMCPS system, which will be as early as elementary school, they will remain in the system even if they change schools within the county. Teachers will also have access to SAT, HSA and PSAT scores and a student’s emergency information card.

One significant reason MyMCPS is replacing Edline is the fact that many features are together in one place, not on many different platforms. Although the software is delayed, when it is rolled out it is expected to significantly increase collaboration and accessibility.