College Readiness Day for All Grades

A newly-designed college readiness day will be taking place Oct. 15 throughout students’ morning classes. This event is designed to help prepare underclassmen for the SAT and upperclassmen with the college application process.

Instead of just sophomores taking the PSAT this year, the freshmen will be as well. “My experience has been that students who take the PSAT are much more prepared when taking it where it really counts,” assistant principal Galit Zolkower said.

“Taking the PSAT as a freshman is beneficial to me because it will help me understand how the test is taken and what to expect on the SAT,” freshman Jaqueline Noyes said.

Juniors are allowed to take the PSAT as well, but it will cost them $14. Students who performed well on the PSAT are encouraged to take the test again, to give them the chance to qualify for the National Merit Scholarship, which can lead to scholarship money. Juniors can also take the practice ACT if they choose.

Seniors will have two options that day: take the Accuplacer diagnostic test or go to a Naviance workshop. The Accuplacer diagnostic is a pre-exam to prepare students for the actual Accuplacer. Students planning on attending Montgomery College next year must take the Accuplacer to determine course placement. The workshop is to help students undertsand the college application process through Naviance.

“The whole idea is to mobilize all our resources to give our students an opportunity to expose themselves to something new or get practice in an area where they need practice, so they’re ready for the next step,” Zolkower said.