Manor Woods Swim Club Recruits RHS Teens for Management

Manor Woods Swim Club has always been a local hangout for students during the summer. However this year, it looks like a larger number of students have turned towards Manor Woods for employment.

Lifeguarding is typically seen as an ideal summer job for students — earning money by lounging and tanning at the pool with friends. Since the lives of so many lie in the lifeguards’ hands, the selection process can be quite competitive, especially between older guards with experience and high school students on the search for an easy paycheck.

Interestingly enough, Manor Woods’ new 2014 lifeguard staff appears to be almost all teenagers, ranging in experience.

“I think it’s great that so many lifeguards are new and young. They’re more excited to be in the chair, and their fresh alertness makes the pool a safer place,” junior Joey Lynch said. Lynch will be starting his third summer guarding for Manor Woods.

Since Manor Woods is now managed by American Pools after a successful first year of management last year, lifeguards must complete a 20 hour course and pass the test to become certified.

This year also comes with a new manager, John Cresham, and it will be his first year managing a pool. Last year’s manager was Mike Cresham, John’s brother, so John will be able to build on his brother’s experience from running Manor Woods last year, in addition to contribute his own rookie enthusiasm.

“After such a successful summer [last year] with Mike, I know John will be able to continue running the pool efficiently, and hopefully bring some new ideas to the table,” alumnus Chris Jones (2013) said. Jones will be starting his fourth summer guarding for Manor Woods.

Not only are members excited to welcome new leadership to the Manor Woods family, but they are looking forward to the changes that new management usually brings.

“I’m really excited for a new, young manager because he’s so close to my age and will be able to run the pool in a way that satisfies the younger members. Since the majority of the people using the pool on a daily basis are minors, the pool should aim to benefit these members,” Manor Woods member Georgie Beers said.

Beers looks forward to improvements in lounge chairs and the volleyball court, which are heavily used by students all summer.