Senior AP Studio Art Students Showcase Their Artwork


Mercy Fosah

Bradley Brea

Looking to inspire, senior Bradley Brea time after time has produced thought-provoking artwork that has earned him a scholarship to the Maryland Institute College of Art. Brea explores topics regarding racism, such as the idea of what the world might be like if people of color had been oppressing whites for centuries, instead of the other way around. Brea’s long term goal is becoming a successful animator for a studio such as Pixar. “I want to tell great stories that people of all ages will love to watch again and again,” Brea said.

Arianna Eisendrath

Senior Arianna Eisendrath is taking her artwork to the next level: next year, Eisendrath will be attending the University of Maryland, College Park with a major in visual art. She plans to earn a bachelors degree in the arts, continue schooling to get a graduate or masters degree in studio art, then hopefully own a small business or manage a gallery. Eisendrath is producing media such as watercolor, oil or acrylic paintings and drawings. “I have developed a personal fascination with the idea of expressing thoughts and ideas in a physical product,” Eisendrath said.

Abby Noll

Though senior Abby Noll will not be majoring or pursuing an art career in college, she still plans to continue painting and drawing because it allows her to use her creativity and artistry to become a well-rounded person. From everything that has inspired Noll, the two things that stood out the most are humor and individuality. Noll expresses a great deal of individuality in her artwork. “I think it is important for people to be themselves,” Noll said. Noll’s artwork earned a spot in the Congressional Art Show. “It was satisfying to see that I have improved and achieved after the work I’ve put in over the past few years,” Noll said.

Michelle Woo

From a young age, senior Michelle Woo has loved cartoons, which inspired her to draw. As Woo became older she began to read a lot of comics, but she struggled with organizing her work. Luckily she had the help of art teacher Connie Zammett. “Mrs. Zammett really helped me on how to organize and plan artwork so that it’s not messy,” Woo said. She plans on going to an art school in the future.

Margaret Vossler

Although Margaret Vossler was initially interested in photography, she switched her focus to drawing her junior year and immediately fell in love with it. Vossler, who is producing both expressive and textual work in her sketchbooks, hopes to continue to improve and develop her own style in drawing and illustration. Ultimately, she is working to prepare herself for the career of a commercial illustrator or animator and hopes to eventually sell her own artwork. The first stop of her journey is the School of Art and Design at Montgomery College, Takoma Park. “I hope to continue making art for the rest of my life,” Vossler said.