Improvements for Next Year’s SGA

With new online voting software, increased involvement and a new leadership class, several changes are being made to improve both the SGA and class offices.

Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors voted for officers on April 30. The winners of the SGA election include: SGA President Adam Sarsony, SGA Vice President (VP) Carlos Piedrasanta, SGA Secretary Madison Cary and SGA Treasurer Ambre Flowers. 2017 class officers include: President Maya Kim, V.P. Gabrielle Kessel, Treasurer Adam Schneider and Secretary Mia Krawczel. 2016 class officers include: President Sam Berrigan, V.P. Hazel Carmona, Treasurer Zoe Salteris and Secretary Xavier Rivera. 2015 class officers include: President Angela Barney, V.P. Nora Wahlbrink and Secretary Erin Johnson.

Sarsony, who is the president of his sophomore class this year, said “I want to have more events and involve more people in SGA activities next year.”

SGA advisor Dawn Rundhammer notes how the new online voting software allowed ended the hassle of counting hundreds of ballots by hand. She appreciated the fact that she did not have to read fictitious submissions that are irrelevant to the race and that students can only vote once with their student IDs.

“We serve as the voice of the rest of the students but we hope to get students to voice their ideas,” Rundhammer said. Students who are not members of the SGA can still suggest ideas and if they are interested, Rundhammer is willing to create committees for specific issues.

An increased number of students are running this year compared to last year when certain grades had only one person running per position. She said many students have a common misconception that they cannot balance SGA tasks with other sports and clubs, but this is not the case.

Rundhammer wants to emphasize that SGA’s role is “not just about planning activities; I like to see them involved in the community as well.” She hopes to work with other clubs on different service projects.

Principal Billie-Jean Bensen occasionally sits on SGA meetings to discuss ideas. In an attempt to expand the scope of the SGAs activities, several SGA officers have attended Montgomery County Regional (MCR) meetings with other schools. RHS will also renew a leadership class which will give SGA time to plan events.

Sarsony said, “I think the leadership class is great because we’re going to have time to work on projects together.”