AP/IB Review Day Cut

For the past few years, RHSa�� policy has been to excuse students from school the day before AP and IB exams if they have three or more exams. This year, that policy will no longer be in effect.

At a leadership meeting that included administrators and department heads, concerns were raised that some students used this study time inappropriately or not to their full advantage. As a result, students are excused from class the days of their exams, but will no longer be granted an excused absence the day before an exam.

“The leaders in the building felt strongly that they could help students review for the test in class more than just saying “you can stay home,a��” Principal Billie-Jean Bensen said.

Since exams cover a whole year’s worth of material – and with some IB exams covering two years of material – teachers believe that it will be more beneficial for the students to get as much classroom instruction as possible. This, they believe, would be more effective than at-home studying.

According to Bensen, the excused absences were an RHS rather than MCPS policy. This change might be difficult for students to adapt to and some are upset at the removal of this policy.

“I don’t see the advantage of taking the review day away. Most students really make use of this day to study and making the students come to school that day really takes away vital study time,” IB senior Samantha Bauer said.

However, Bensen said in an email that students are allowed to have three unexcused absences from school without being reprimanded. So if students feel that it is absolutely necessary to take a school day off to study for their exams, then they may opt to do so if they have not already used these absences.

The removal of the study day has also displeased some teachers. psychology teacher Christine Zafonte, who teaches both AP and IB classes, has expressed her concern over the study day no longer being available to students. “If a student is taking three or more tests, they’re serious about their education and should be allotted the time to study at home,” Zafonte said.