SGA Takes Over Planning Potential Spring Pep Rally

Instead of being run by the athletic department, first spring pep rally at RHS will be conducted by the SGA.

Senior SGA president Betsy Gorman said, “A lot of the spring athletes have requested a pep rally and a lot of them think it’s unfair that we don’t have a spring pep rally, while we have one in the fall and winter.”

While RHS has annual fall and winter pep rallies, athletic director Michael Hayes said, “There has never been a spring pep rally in the 13 years I have been here.” However, lack of a spring pep rally has gotten opposition from most of the student body over the past few years.

Now, the possibility of a spring pep rally is creating excitement within the student body.

As to why there has not been a spring pep rally over the past few years, senior Sean Jordan said, “I think it’s because the spring sports haven’t really had the popularity that was needed until now because they haven’t been successful until much more recent years.”

If everything works out, Principal Billie-Jean Bensen and SGA plan on having the pep rally on March 21, well before AP and IB testing.

Bensen said, “I don’t oppose the concept, but I just need more ideas before I get the show on the road.”

Though most students, especially spring athletes, want a spring pep rally, there are mixed reactions coming from teachers, who would have to accommodate the lost class time.

English teacher Sharon Lee said, “It is an issue when we have so many interruptions as with these snow days, registration, school surveys–many of which are done through English classes.” However, she said that she does not oppose the idea of a spring pep rally because spring sports teams deserve to get the same attention as the fall and winter teams.

With the possibility of a pep rally in the spring, another question arises. What will be done entertainment-wise since the poms and cheer seasons will be over?

SGA is planning to have many games and activities to keep students involved, such as an obstacle course for both the athletes and the audience, and challenges showing which class has the most school spirit. Although the poms and cheerleaders’ seasons will be over at that time, SGA is hoping to get both teams to perform. Also, if the powderpuff teams and the male cheerleaders are assembled by then, SGA is planning on having them make an appearance at the pep rally.