Administration Debates Switching from Kaplan Test Preparation

Administration is reconsidering RHSa�� relationship with Kaplan test prep after the company lost over 350 students’ Mock SAT/ACT tests, before finding them in an Ohio warehouse.

According to Principal Billie-Jean Bensen, no decision about the relationship has been made as of now, but she and others involved, such as Assistant Principal Bradley Rohner and the Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA), will participate in meetings conducted by Rohner to decide the fate of RHSa�� Mock SAT/ACT.

The choice to continue the test has been made, Bensen said; however, the question of what test prep company RHS will be partnering with is still in the air. Kaplan is still one of the options.

“[Kaplan] was very responsive in accepting responsibility,” Bensen said. “They went up one side and down the other with UPS trying to find this box. They really tried to do the right thing.”

Luckily the box was found and RHSa�� relationship with Kaplan has been temporarily mended.

However, because of the incident, the PTSA agreed in a January meeting that they were not interested in continuing RHS and Kaplan’s partnership. Several parents also suggested different test preparation companies to consider for practice in the future.

“I do not think it’s appropriate to say “let’s do it again,a��” PTSA president Dylan Presman said at the meeting.

PTSA parent Julie Mazer said the Montgomery College test prep program had received good feedback from parents on Ramsnet. Another possible company is Revolution Prep, used by Walter Johnson HS. Bensen also said Princeton Review is among one of the companies being discussed in upcoming meetings.

However, parents often complain about these companies being unsuccessful with their students or having unreliable staff. Problems with SAT and ACT test prep companies seem to be universal. Talk of instructors missing sessions or lack of improvement in test scores is common.

“One of the problems with the companies that are national or even regional companies is that there’s a huge turnover in staff,” Bensen said. “These are not positions that are career positions, so a lot of it depends on who you get at the time. Having kids bumped through this process is not new.”

With these characteristics in mind, RHS will be looking for a reliable company with whom to partner for next year’s mock tests.