Cheat Sheets Ease the Stress of Exams When it Comes to Studying

With the intense stress of midterms, several teachers have taken a bit of the burden off of the students’ shoulders by allowing them to have a “cheat sheet” for the exam.

Few teachers have found it necessary to allow students to have cheat sheets for their exam. Most teachers doing this will allow students a 3×5 note card (sometimes a full sheet of paper), front and back, with any information they can fit on it.

Among the teachers allowing cheat sheets on non-county exams is Lindsay Junkins, math resource teacher.

“In real life, you have tools to help you,” Junkins said. Not all courses need exam cheat sheets, however. “Some information should be remembered and on county exams you get a formula sheet,” she said.

This extremely useful tool for students should be considered by all teachers. Students agree there is too much information to remember for one semester.

“I was confident that I could get a decent grade on my math exam, but being able to have a full piece of paper to write notes on and have with me for the test ensured I would get the best grade possible,” junior Chuck Reese said.

Students are still angry about last year’s math exam scores, which made local headlines. Many students chose not study for the exam at all, knowing they will fail, but cheat sheets give them more resources to succeed.

However, standard issued county tests have strict rules so cheat sheets are not possible for all classes. Perhaps one day a note card will be standard for county tests, AP exams and maybe even the SAT.