Clubs Give Back During Winter Season


Illustration by Ben Cornwell

Illustration by Ben Cornwell
Illustration by Ben Cornwell

The holiday season has always been thought of as the season for giving, but recent activities would seem more fitting for a season of taking. The Salvation Army was recently burglarized with losses of about $10,000 just as the holiday season rolls in.

No motive for the crime has been determined yet, but regardless, it is disappointing to know that stealing from those in need would be considered for any reason. Every person deserves the opportunity to celebrate the holidays in a positive way.The SGA, Key Club and Best Buddies are working to get students to contribute some of their resources to help those in need and to bring that positivity into the holidays of local families.

The SGA is conducting its Holiday Fund and encouraging students to compete in a Battle of the Classes where all profits go towards purchasing Safeway gift cards for families in need. The Key Club is collecting winter coats from students in support of the Interfaith Winter Coat Drive. Best Buddies is working with the City of Rockville in a toy drive, as well.

Not all students are tempted to participate in these kinds of drives, either because there is no direct personal benefit or because it simply seems pointlessa��how can one person’s contributions affect anything? When this kind of robbery happens, it only seems to add to the idea that these efforts are naturally ineffective.

However, that idea is untrue, and the mindset is backwards. In times of crisis and slow recovery, those who are less fortunate are more in need than ever, especially when such a robbery occurs. The act of donation is not purposeless and should be considered more important, not less, in this case. Resignation may seem easy and logical for us, but it only magnifies the current problem.