‘Hunger Games’ Lives Up to Hype; ‘Delivery Man’ Delivers

“The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” a�� Nov. 22

Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark, played by Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson, are back in action again in the second adaptation of “The Hunger Games’ series. In this action packed movie, Katniss and Peeta must go on the Victor’s Tour and visit each district in Panem. Katniss learns that because of her and Peeta’s win, Panem has started a rebellion in the districts before the beginning of the 75th Annual Hunger Games.

As expected, the entire movie kept me on the edge of my seat. The graphics were exceptional and the costume designs were exquisite and fun to look at just as the first “Hunger Games’ was. Effie Trinket, played by actress Elizabeth Banks, was, of course, dressed to impress with gold hair and vibrant outfits, but what really impressed me was how well Banks portrayed Effie’s character development since the last movie.

Even though I did not read “Catching Fire,” I was able to follow along with the movie easily – although having read the first book helped me understand some of the characters’ backgrounds. According to some students who viewed the movie and read the novel, “Catching Fire” does really well with following the book’s plot. I think I will have to make a visit to the RHS Media Center to check out the book and the next one too!

Not only is this a must-see for all “Hunger Games” fans, but it is also a great movie for those who thirst for an excellent adventure filled with non-stop action and drama.

“Delivery Man” a�� Nov. 22

In “Delivery Man,” Vince Vaughn plays a man named David Wozniak who has found out that due to his multiple anonymous donations to a fertility clinic 20 years ago, he has become the father of 533 children. When Wozniak made these donations, the clinic had an agreement that they would not reveal Wozniak’s identity. However, things change when 142 of the 533 children file a lawsuit to find out the identity of their biological father.

When I first heard about this movie, I assumed it would be full of comedy like Vaughn’s other films such as “Wedding Crashers” and “Fred Clause.” I did not expect to be able to take Vaughn seriously, but “Delivery Man” proved Vaughn can take on a serious role.

While “Delivery Man” does have its small funny moments here and there, it really is more focused about the drama surrounding David and 142 of his 533 children. “Delivery Man” is a light-hearted movie and is perfect when you need cheering up. It was heartwarming and worth seeing if you enjoy family-based flicks.