Video Morning Annoncements Return

To the relief of many students and staff, the video morning announcements started back upa��two months into the school year.

The transition period for new video production teacher Brian Annear combined with the stress of a new group of students resulted in the decision to uphold a temporarily delay of the video morning announcements. During the delay, the class focused on learning how to make news packages and building a strong foundation for the program.

“We want our announcements to be informative and engaging. We want to establish a training ground for students who want to learn the aspects of video production,” Annear said.

Assistant school administrator Michelle Sobers also believes that the delay was an advantage to the program.

“The class is transitioning slowly. It takes time to develop high quality work that can be found effective to the student body,” Sobers said. The delay allowed time to train anchors, camera people and field reporters.

Annear’s goal is to provide a fruitful training program that involves the RHS community. He is interested in hearing people’s thoughts and working as a team. Annear has made changes to the program such as expanding the variety of anchors appearing on the announcements and focusing more on being professional.

“This year’s announcements are just as good as last year’s a�� I’m really glad they’re back. It was kind of hard to concentrate on the information when it was just audio,” junior Lauren Goldstein said.