Spotlight on Round House Theatre of Bethesda’s “Play It Forward” Program


Graphic by Cole Bennington

Graphic by Cole Bennington
Graphic by Cole Bennington

Imagine sitting in the front row of a professional performance. The lights are bright, the sets are intricate, the actors are hitting each and every cue and best of all, the ticket was free.

The Round House Theatre of Bethesda has been working to make this a reality through their “Play It Forward” program. The program enables each MCPS senior to go to one regularly scheduled show for free during the 2013-2014 school year.

“Play It Forward has underwriting right now to allow about 2000 high school seniors to see a show for free during the 2013-2014 season. We hope to increase the program to allow for more tickets and potentially more ages a�� [And] I personally think the program is really exciting. I am always excited about new ways to introduce people to it,” Round House Theatre’s Associate Producer Danisha Crosby said.

The program was created in hopes of making drama and plays a more central and important part of students education. By inviting each and every MCPS senior to watch a play for free, the program may help students gain exposure to new works and allow students to experience theatre even if price is usually an obstacle.

Junior Kelsey Kovacs thinks this is an important step.

“This would be a great way to introduce high schoolers into the culture and experience of theater, which is something that most kids don’t get the chance to see,” Kovacs said.

Round House not only wants to educate students on theater while they are in high school, but also so when they graduate and move into the real world they will continue to go to the theater.

English and theater teacher Dana Sato also thinks the program will be beneficial. “This program can be helpful for those who only get into drama their senior year but then fall in love with it,” Sato said.