Return of Popular Fall Television Shows

This October, three spooky fall TV shows favorites will be returning: The Vampire Diaries, American Horror Story and The Walking Dead.

The Vampire Diaries’ fifth season will premiere Oct. 3 on the CW. The show ended season four with a huge plot twist that surprised fans everywhere. Brothers Stefan and Damon finally decided on who gets the girl of their dreams, who they had both been chasing since almost the first episode. Psychology teacher Christine Zafonte said, “I’m happy Damon and Elena finally ended up together, I’ve been rooting for them.”

Fans were also shocked when Stefan turned out to not be who they thought he was. In season four, Silas, who is a former warlock and the first immortal being in the world, returned to stir up trouble for the characters. Silas can also take over people’s bodies, which he does to brother Stefan.

“I’m really excited to see how this twist will affect the entire show, with Stefan no longer being Stefan and the real Stefan drowning in some lake somewhere a�� this twist will cause even more drama to the show,” senior Jenna St. Aubin said.

American Horror Story will be returning Oct. 9. Each season has a different setting, characters and story line. Season one was centered on a family who was living in a haunted house. Season two was based in an insane asylum and followed the characters to see what it would be like to be a patient there. Season three will be based on a coven, and will feature include witchcraft, slavery and witch hunting.

Actor Evan Peters has been a main character in the last two seasons and will play Kyle in the third season. Senior Georgie Beers said, “One of my favorite parts about the show is Evan Peters. He’s an amazing actor in every role he’s given. I just love him.”

Oct. 13 will mark the return of The Walking Dead, another TV show people everywhere are excited to watch. Season three ended in their biggest shocker yet. All of the townspeople died and were killed by their leader. The season ended in the battle between the zombies and the humans. The zombies went to prison and broke fences; the season ended in the middle of the battle.

“Three of my favorite shows are all returning within the same couple of weeks; words can’t explain how excited I am for all these shows to come back!” Sophomore Laura Kjellman said.