Project Reboot Offers Underprivledged Students Computers for Under 25 Dollars

Project Reboot, introduced by the Capital PC User Group Company, will provide the opportunity for underprivileged students to purchase one of their 1,000 computers in stock for around 10 to 25 dollars.

The opportunity for all students to own their own computer is now a possibility. Counselor Wendy Kiang-Spray estimates about 20 percent of Rockville students do not own a computer at home and Project Reboot is trying to make sure that none of these students are denied the opportunity to join the technological takeover in this generation.

Teachers rely on Edline, TurnItIn and other online resources to make it easier to reach out to their students during out of school hours. “It’s easier to communicate lessons, especially if they weren’t here,” math teacher Jason Lee said.

Senior Elizabeth Barrett is in the IB program, plays basketball and softball and is a member of the National Honor Society. Barrett said she uses a computer on a daily basis for school-related work.

“Before you know it, handwritten assignments will be less and less common. Many things are converting to electronics,” Barrett said.

Even though owning a computer is a luxury that not all students are able to have, technology continues to develop and be more prominent for this generation, especially in the educational world.

“It’s not just a matter of computers, but a matter of having internet access,” Kiang-Spray said. A large number of assignments that students are required to do are posted on Edline, turned in to TurnItIn or sent to them by email, all of which require internet access.

Project Reboot also provides the opportunity for students to purchase other technological equipment such as Wi-Fi, printers and software, all for a low cost. Students will be able to own a computer and have access to the internet so they can take advantage of educational websites and databases.

Those interested in the Project Reboot program can visit their website to find out what they need to do to donate or receive computers and other technological equipment.