With Hormones Raging, Teenagers Find it Difficult to Refrain From Flamboyant Public Displays of Affection, Despite Widespread Disgust

Illustration by Lital Elfassi
Illustration by Lital Elfassi

Day by day as students make their way to class, that typical couple is once again making out on the side of the hallway. Passerbys want to scream “get to class” or even more “get a room,” but their mouths remain silent and feelings bottled up as they try to awkwardly dodge the two.

PDA, or Public Displays of Affection, are something very common among high school students and can only be tolerated to a certain extent. Now that students are going through puberty and hormones are raging, PDA comes in passionate forms such as kissing and touching. It is appropriate for couples to show their affection for one another; however, there is such a thing as too much. This comes to the point where others start to feel uncomfortable.

Teachers come to our school to teach, not to watch students show loving forms of PDA that are quite inappropriate for school. It is not only disgusting for teachers to see PDA among students, it is also awkward for them to walk past such intimate displays knowing that those are the students that they teach everyday.

When a teacher sees students engaged in PDA, he or she may lose respect for them. School is a place of work for both students and teachers and students should act professionally. Students should treat school as a professional work environment like staff does, not as a place to show their love.

When it comes to kissing, “pecks” or quick kisses, are the only ones acceptable because it is just enough for other teachers and students to think, “They are a cute couple!” Other forms cause people to be grossed out and repulsed. Quick pecks also do not show too much affection in school or cause students to be late to class.

If students are going to make out in school they should at least have the courtesy to do it off to the side or in private, and not in the middle of the hallway in front of everyone else. Other students are trying to weave their way to class and they do not have time to try and to change their route in order to avoid running into couples.

Places that contain the most intense PDA are the back hallways, those closest to the football field and the third floor, therefore, many students avoid going by these areas. At lunch, many couples try to get away with hiding by staircases so they can partake in affectionate actions in private. If they feel the need to express their loving ways in private, then those couples should not be expressing their feelings on school grounds but rather on their own time and not at the expense of others.

School is a place where students should be focused on work; however, after making out and such, it is next to impossible for them to be concentrating in their class. If students are not attentive during class then their grades will reflect that. Consequently, their report cards will be negatively affected by their actions.

Couples could use those minutes they spend making out in between classes to do more important things like using the restroom instead of getting to class and complaining that they didn’t have enough time to use the facilities. All students know we do have enough time to take care of our business in between classes on our own time rather than during classes, on the teacher’s time.

If couples learned how to contain their hormones, school would be a great place for everyone. Those pairs could stay focused on their school work and their grades would reflect it. Other students would not have to spend everyday looking at their peers making out. Teachers would also have full respect for their students and the school would have the proper educational atmosphere of a workplace that it should.