Annual Prom Sets Sail to Success


Limousines and party buses pulled up to Baltimore’s inner harbor and students filed into a line, eagerly waiting to board the Spirit of Baltimore for the 2013 senior prom May 31.

Students and their dates began boarding the boat at 6:30 p.m., and the ship left the dock at 8 p.m. to sail around the harbor for a night to remember. 305 students attended this year’s prom. The boat returned to the dock at midnight. The ship had three decks; the bottom two were inside and the top floor was outside. Senior Danielle Melhman said, “Although the weather was hot, the cool breeze outside and the air conditioning inside kept us cool.”

Once everyone piled on the boat, waiters began to seat students for dinner. The meal was a buffet including chicken, mashed potatoes, meatballs, macaroni and an assortment of cakes and donuts. Students enjoyed dinner conversation, exchanged stories and reminisced about their wonderful high school memories.

After everyone finished eating and dinner was cleared from the tables, the boat pulled away from the dock, marking the beginning of a fun and memorable night.

Many people went up to the top deck to watch the boat leave Baltimore’s inner harbor. Junior Cole Bennington said, “My favorite part of the night was being able to spend time talking and dancing with my senior friends.” Students who went loved having a quality night to spend with the seniors before they graduated.

The first event of the night were the senior superlatives, awards voted on by the senior class and given to the seniors with the most votes. Some of the superlatives given were best hair, best car and most likely to be famous. These were announced by SGA senior representatives, president Kelly McTighe and treasurer Carolyn Lane.

The most prominent award was for prom king and queen. Eight seniors were nominated for this award. The nominees for the boys were seniors Vincent Barr, Greg Brown, Robby DeYoung and Luke Oa��Malley were nominated. The nominees for the girls were seniors Emily Shutak, Angela DiFonzo, Megan Lang and Konstantina Katsani.

A drum roll was given before principal Debra Munk announced the prom king and queen: Robby Deyoung and Megan Lang. Lang said, “I felt honored that my classmates voted for me. I was shocked, but it made me feel good.” After the awards were finished, the dancing portion of the night began.

There were two DJ’s on board, one for the bottom floor and one for the second floor. The DJ’s playlists included songs ranging from the “Cupid Shufflea�� to “Bugatti.a�� Dancing was a major hit on both of the decks.

As the night came to a close, students began to wind down and went back up to the top deck to watch the boat pull in to the dock.

Even as prom was ending, students looked forward to the after prom party (APP) at Longwood community center which was hosted by the RHS APP Committee. The after party was carnival themed and complete with several moon bounces, a photo booth, airbrush tattoos, poker, games and lots of food. Chaperones walked around and attended to each station to make sure all prom-goers enjoyed themselves.

Seniors could spin a wheel to win prizes consisting of college dorm room essentials, gift cards, candy, bracelets and other fun gifts. Every seniors spun for a shot at winning one of the prizes.

At the end of the night, all of the RHS seniors’ after prom tickets were put into a raffle to draw for the grand prize: an iPad. The winner of the iPad was senior Lauren Marple.

Prom night left students with many unforgettable memories and a lot of sleep to catch up on, seeing that the APP ended at 5 a.m. Senior Nicole Kline said, “Prom was a success and a great way to end high school.”