SGA and Student Body at Fault for Lack of [r]Ambition in School


As the Student Government Association (SGA) announces its new officers, several students do not seem to realize that the student body hasn’t heard of any mention of the SGA since spirit week nearly six months ago.

Having such a gap in SGA-related activities only degrades the association and the members involved. People go through the entire year not thinking about SGA at all until the mundane skip-English-class-and-vote day, where most of the candidates are competing against themselves for positions.

Of course, that can hardly be blamed solely on the leaders and members of the SGA. Between class hallways and elections, there is not much left to organize or do, unless the members themselves are willing to plan an event.

However, we as a student body are not exactly known for passing along any ideas for events we may want. In addition to the lack of willing communication between constituents and SGA leaders, planning out events is harder than expected.

The SGA is supposed to take input from the student body in order to apply improvements to the school concerning common complaints the students have had. However, the fact that the SGA is not heard from throughout the school year makes having any notion of student input seem impossible.

The idea of a dance besides Homecoming appeals to everyone, despite the fact it costs at least $500 dollars to hold one. The literary magazine “Echoes” successfully hosted a winter formal last year, yet canceled it this year due to an unstable estimate of guests. But how hard would it be to get an organization run by the school to host a dance?

In middle school, dances and other SGA activities were held monthly. Why do we not have movie nights or school get-togethers more often? These are the sort of activities the SGA should focus on holding instead of hibernating for the majority of the year.