Naviance Saves Seniors During College Applications

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Senior class of 2013 must embark on the same tedious quest of doing college applications in order to proceed to the next level of education. This task is usually the most dreadful part of senior year because of all the paperwork.

Starting this year, the counseling department has teamed up with the online Naviance program in order to make the application process easier for seniors. Everything that seniors need to complete an application can be found on Naviance with a guide of how to’s and helpful tips. Not only has the application process gone nearly completely online, but the teacher recommendation forms have as well.

Students are now able to access almost any teacher through the Naviance program and send a personal request in order to get a letter of recommendation sent to the college of their choice. “Being able to press a button to get a letter of recommendation sent from a teacher makes the application process a lot less stressful,” said senior Michelle Miller.

Seniors must enter a username and password to access the program and then go through the appropriate steps which are listed on a hand out that was given to all seniors. Finally, the teachers must choose whether or not to write the student a request.

The teacher that was selected will get a notice from the student and is then able to write the recommendation online and send it out to the colleges of the student’s choice. “It gives the students and me a lot less to worry about and makes writing the letters so much easier,” said history teacher Christine Zafonte.

Naviance is the answer to the hours of work spent on the college application process. The letter of recommendation is easy to obtain, complete and submit to colleges. So seniors, hang in there; Naviance will be there to help embark on the rigorous task of getting those college applications done so everyone can enjoy the rest of their senior year.