Project 4.1 Zombieland

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Quarantined rooms, blood-smeared walls and eerie lighting fill a large abandoned warehouse while heaps of zombies lurk around narrow halls and extend decaying hands through rusted cages at those who pass by.

This is the scene in Rockville’s newest haunted house. Hallow Inc.’s The Warehouse: Project 4.1 on Rockville Pike is a fully-indoor haunted house. The set-up is a series of desolate rooms filled with the blood-oozing undead and a suspenseful atmosphere.

The course at The Warehouse is a half hour zombie attack debuting on Sept. 28, running nightly from 7 to 9 p.m. Leftover racks and display tables from Filene’s Basement, which formerly occupied the warehouse, were used to construct the set-up. The course is modeled after an actual warehouse; it even has a room full of abandoned and torn-up cubicles.

Justin Watson, Director of Hiring at Hallow Inc., manages to find a humorous yet still scary

way to promote the business. Watson said, “We tend to bring our zombies everywhere we go.” Watson even brought a few zombies to a Washington National’s baseball game earlier in the month. However, he and his undead companions were removed from the game for scaring younger fans.

The Warehouse seeks to involve students by hosting a small competition between any two rival high schools in which 25 students from each school will get into full zombie makeup and placed into two separate cages. The schools will then battle it out to see which group of zombies are the scariest.

Because The Warehouse is new this year, it must compete with all of the hype from the Field of Screams in Olney. “[Field of Screams] is actually getting a new course with zombies so we will have to see who has the better zombies after the [Halloween] season,” said Field of Screams employee and senior James Carter.