Community Enthusiastically Welcomes Newest Addition to Administrative Team


Michelle Sobers is the newest addition to the administrative team. Sobers is excited about her new position and embraces the changes that come with the title. –Camila Torres

Michelle Sobers is the newest addition to the administrative team. Sobers is excited about her new position and embraces the changes that come with the title. –Camila Torres

Assistant School Administrator Michelle Sobers has overseen transportation, maintained discipline over students, supported teachers and building staff and acted as the go-to person for the RHS community all on her first day.Originally from New York City, Sobers first started working in MCPS seven years ago. She has taught at both the middle and high school level in positions ranging from working in staff development to being a literacy coach and a test coordinator. Sobers also taught ninth and tenth grade English as well as Bridge to English, an ESOL course.

Sobers initially went to school with the intent to become a doctor. As an adolescent, she loved both kids and science, so she decided to combine her two passions and pursue a career in pediatric medicine.

Mid-way through college, Sobers arrived at the startling realization that she preferred educating kids more than treating them for illnesses. At that point, Sobers switched her major to English and began pursuing a graduate education.

Sobers has most recently taught at both Montgomery Blair and Gaithersburg High School, which gave her experience with teaching in schools with large student populations. As a result, she has a greater appreciation for RHSa�� small student population. “It’s different to see the cohesiona��in a smaller school that’s a community cluster versus a larger school that feeds from a variety of places,” said Sobers.

The smaller population is just one of the things that Sobers will need to get used to. She also must adjust to the global perspective that comes with her administrator status. This is a considerable change from only having to worry about her students as a teacher.

So far, it would appear that she is adjusting well. Assistant Principal Galit Zolkower admires Sobers’ intuitive questions. “a��They’re very insightful and take the team right to the heart of a problem’so that we’re able toa��come to a solution…,” said Zolkower.

Evidently, some student issues do not vary from school to school. Sobers has found that at every high school she has worked at, the dress code remained a problem among students. Despite this recurring issue, Sobers is confident that by pushing forward and dealing with it, the problem can be resolved.

Students seem to be responding favorably to their new administrator. “I thought she seemed really confident about what she’s doing. It sounded like she could connect with a lot of students,” said sophomore Gujri Chadha.

Outside of school, Sobers’ priorities are traveling and being with her family. She is a self-professed soccer mom; she never misses an opportunity to cheer in the stands at games. In the coming years, she hopes to travel to Italy or Greece to become inspired by the architecture, which is another one of her passions.

“As you learn and grow, you want a new challenge. So this is a new challenge for me,” said Sobers. Although it will take some time to get used to her new position, Sobers welcomes the change.