First Pep Rally Pumps Up School


Rockville Poms perform one of the student body’s favorite routine at the Pep Rally. — Adam Bensimhon

Rockville Poms perform one of the student body’s favorite routine at the Pep Rally. — Adam Bensimhon

Through the painted fiery columns of RHSa�� gymnasium, comical and spirited frivolity ensued to kick off the fall sports season with the annual pep rally held Aug. 31.

With the seniors in an all-black wardrobe and pep band blaring in the usual sticky air, no one could deny the energized ambience that the school community created with abundant RHS pride.

Freshman Danielle Sobel said, “I’m really excited to be a part of the cheerleading team,” and was convinced that the pep rally would contribute to their success. Following the introduction of (teams), special recognition was given to the seniors.

Even more cheers were awarded to those seniors who ran out with new banners sporting their win in last year’s division championships, including the Poms Team and Girls Varsity Soccer team. Sophomore Kelsey Kovacs said, “I loved the relay races and games because it got the students super excited.”

Even after the senior relay, where senior Blaine Peirce carried senior Billy Blackwell on his back across the gym, and despite the usual jeering at freshman; the pep rally remained an event to instill motivation and school unity.

This pep rally will hopefully inspire the Varsity football team to bounce back from the last year’s record of 0-10, and maybe even send some of the cross country girls team to the state playoffs in addition to the boys.

It means there is a lot of faith riding on the success of RHS sports. Even though RHS is a small school, it is clear that its pride is insurmountable. This extreme determination shows RHS effort to distinguish itself in the world of MCPS sports. Starting Varsity quarterback sophomore Spencer Brigman said, “After our games, regardless of the score board, our goal is leaving knowing that we left [our hard work] on the field.”

This mentality is encouraged to all fall athletes, as they go into games ready and reminiscent of the crowd screaming, “go, go, go goa��.” Lady Rams in Field Hockey surely heard the fans cheers after starting the season off victorious with a 2-0 game; proving the pep rally to be a success.