Summer Assignments Handed Out


Junior Ivan Ivanic reads a summer reading book in the IMC. — Adam Bensimhon

Junior Ivan Ivanic reads a summer reading book in the IMC. — Adam Bensimhon

As another year of school begins to wrap up, it is almost time for summer but it is also time for the tradition of receiving math packets and book reports that are assigned before the end of exams.

These assignments are given out not only to keep students from forgetting the year’s material but to prepare them for next year’s classes. Current Geometry students would complete the Algebra 2 packet because it gives them a review of what they will be learning next year.

Many students ask why these assignments are important. “Getting students back to the swing of this is extremely important.” “It is a good way to get everyone accustomed to what they are about to learn.” said Math teacher Kurt Kohler.

English classes assign summer reading assignments to keep students thinking over the long break. Students are required to read one book over the summer and either write an extensive report or answer a few questions related to the book.

In addition to the Math and English assignments, there are also summer assignments for students in Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate classes. The Social Studies department has an assignment for students taking AP NSL or AP World History. There is also an assignment for students taking IB Biology, English and Math.

The assignment for AP NSL students is to show what they know about the United States government. This includes identifying the main principles of government and understanding The Constitution while the AP World History assignment is to create flashcards and complete a packet.

Because students do not like to work during the summer, these assignments are usually put off until the last minute. Students always ask when to start their packets. “Whenever it fits their schedule. Early August is good.” said English teacher Kristen Flather.

Each assignment can be found on the RHS home page. If help is needed, you can email the teachers anytime over the summer. All assignments are due the first week of school and they will be counted for a first quarter grade.