The Dictator Disappoints


Courtesy of Paramount Pictures


Courtesy of Paramount Pictures

Who would have thought that a movie about a dictator would be funny? This comedy showed the point of view of the dictator rather than the citizens, which allowed the audience to laugh at otherwise crude and horrible events. Though this movie was funny, it was not well thought out and was poorly casted.

This dictator who has always been obsessed with power has now planned to turn his country into a democracy, was what the public thought. But it turned out that it was his double who decided this modification in policy that would change the country forever.

As portrayed by Sacha Baron Cohen, the egotistical dictator Admiral General Aladeen experienced a wild life a�� from paid sexual encounters with movie stars to the executions he ordered for the most absurd reasons. Cohen’s character has ruled the North African country of Wadiya since he was seven, and takes pride in controlling everything. As an evil dictator, he had many enemies. While on a trip to America, Aladeen was captured and his famous lifelong beard is shaved off making him unrecognizable to the public and stripping him of his power.

This movie features great individual jokes but on the whole, the plot is not well thought out. The acting overall was satisfactory, though the lead female Anna Faris destroyed every scene she was in with her monotone voice and lack of facial expressions. Though the acting was not very good, Cohen’s facial expressions and body language throughout the movie complimented the script by adding humor to the storyline. This film consisted of crude humor and violence, though appreciated by teens and adults, may not be suitable for young viewers.