Newly Transformed Urban Barbeque Offers New Items, Tastier Food


One famous dish Urban Barbecue offers is its “Soul Rolls” which is brisket, three types of cheese, and sweet onions fried in a egg-roll. It comes with “Redneck Fondue” which is a cheese and chill dipping sauce. –Photo by Robert Lee

One famous dish Urban Barbecue offers is its "Soul Rolls" which is brisket, three types of cheese, and sweet onions fried in a egg-roll. It comes with "Redneck Fondue" which is a cheese and chill dipping sauce. --Photo by Robert Lee

Behind the cloaked windows of the previous Urban Burger Co. (UBC), something mysterious was happening and after a grueling two months, the locals of the Rock Creek Village shopping center were ready to see the results of the renovation. Good news: it was worth the wait.

After being renovated from UBC to Urban Barbecue (UBQ), the restaurant has received their liquor license, changing the atmosphere from a laid back hangout for middle-schoolers to a classier restaurant for adults. As a natural instinct, people generally resist change. Knowing this common fact, one may assume that a ton of changes to the widely-enjoyed local restaurant would draw negative feedback. However, this is not the case.

The biggest change after the renovation of UBC to UBQ has been the enormous full bar occupying the space that was previously recognized as the “kid’s room.” UBQ FOH manager Daniel Buitrago said, “It’s funny; this room had previously been under 18 [years old] and with an adult. Now it is over 21 [years old] and with an I.D.”

Along with adding a selection of beer, wine, and mixed drinks, the menu has also been improved. The new UBQ menu keeps all of their previous starters except their soups and chowder, which have been replaced by tater tots. Many of the already unique salads have been replaced by “BBQ-themed” salads consisting of the new “Texas Steakhouse Salada�� and the “BBQ chicken Tortilla Salad.a�� “I’m surprised. The wings actually improved!” said sophomore Tara Whitney, referring to her favorite starter on the UBQ menu.

As one would assume, UBQ has added the typical BBQ sandwiches: pulled pork, pulled chicken, beef brisket, sausage and BBQ chicken to the menu. Along with the popular sandwiches, the new menu includes pork ribs, crab cake and a selection of BBQ sauces that can be added to enhance practically any entree. Although most of the sides have remained constant, the dessert menu has undergone many changes such as the removal of the popular “fried twinkie sundae.”

The most commonly asked question: will UBQ still serve burgers? The answer is yes. The new UBQ menu still has a wide selection of burgers after dropping the less popular burgers, and adding five new styles. “I’m really glad they kept burgers on the menu… nothing was taken away from the restaurant, only gained,” said junior UBQ employee Rajesh Sharma.

Do not be fooled; although the full bar and waited-on tables definitely add a touch of maturity to the restaurant, the atmosphere is still one for a family dinner. To keep the family atmosphere of the restaurant, there are three red picnic tables opposite from the bar. “It’s a great atmosphere for family dinners or adult night-life,” said junior UBQ employee Brady Petrie.

UBQ continues the “navy” theme from UBC while adding many decorations to fit the new layout of the restaurant. The new decor also consists of 12 flat screen televisions located around the bar and booths in the restaurant.

“I’d like to thank everyone for the support during the transition. We really appreciate the community support for UBQ,” said Buitrago.