Leak and Earthquake Damage Sends Teacher Out of Classroom; Finally Returns


Rough weather such as hard rain and snow have always flooded History teacher Caitlyn Ulmer's classroom. The ceiling has finally been fixed and Ulmer has moved back in Jan. 8. --Photo by Tyler Brown

After being kicked out of her room for about half a year for a leak, history teacher Caitlin Ulmer is now back in her room. The leak was discovered last year and has yet to be taken care of.

At first, buckets were placed under the leak and it only got out of hand when the weather was particularly gruesome. To Ulmer’s surprise, the leak caused a large puddle on the last row of desks. “I have this theory that the earthquake over the summer caused the crack to get bigger and that is why it is raining in my room,” said Ulmer.

Ulmer was forced to move out of her room after only being a teacher here for one year and has had to spend every day running around to different classrooms that are only vacant for certain periods. If anyone needed lunch help, there was a sign on her classroom indicating which room she would be in for that day.

The leaking roof has been an issue for quite some time now and it has yet to be taken care of. “The central maintenance office has to come but they do not know the underlying problem,” said Ulmer. Building services has done everything that they can which includes mopping the puddles, providing buckets and helping to clean any messes.

The leak is still a prevalent issue in Ulmer’s room but she was allowed to return to her room Jan. 8 because the school did not have enough available classrooms to accommodate Ulmer. “I am glad that I have my room back, even if the leak is still there, I wanted to have my own classroom,” said Ulmer.

In order to avoid any desks from getting rained on, Ulmer has rearranged the room to move the desks out of harm’s way. But, students that have Ulmer should probably bring an umbrella to class with thema��just to be safe.