A Deeper Look into Twins at RHS



Freshmen and twins Miguel and Manuel Suerol show that they are close as ever despite being with each other every day. --Photo by Amenah Clomax

Similar eyes, height, hair color, skin and sometimes same clothing all describe what the twins at Rockville high school have in common with their sibling.

Twins at RHS are the most courteous people to meet. If you ever get a chance to meet them, most likely you will call them by their brother or sister’s name. A lot of teachers get mixed up with their names. “People often get our names mixed up, including a lot of teachers, and I think my parents do it on purpose,” say freshmen Leena Eshack. Even though a lot of people mix up Leena and Lea’s names, they still laugh about it.

Although twins feel the same pain, they rarely have the same dream. For instance, the twins from Sister Sister, Tia and Tamara Mowry, had the same dream about a guy. But of course not all twins are the same. Some twins might not feel pain and another set of twins will; or some twins might be so close that they are one and others might be so different that they don’t even have (twin-telepathy). This makes all twins unique in a special way.

Often, twins can feel each other’s pain or even know what the other is thinking which is called (Twin-Telepathy). “When we were little, we would get spankings and so that would be the only time we would feel each other’s pain,” says freshmen Miguel Suerol. So it is possible that twins do feel the same pain at the same time, but possibly grow out of (Twin-Telepathy).

As always, siblings have times where they do not like sharing each other’s stuff. Even though twins might be the exact same size and build, they rarely share their clothes, shoes, or personal possessions with one another. However, girl twins are more likely to share with each other stuff than boy twins. On the TV show Suite Life of Zack and Cody there was an episode where the twins couldn’t stand sharing each other’s stuff and of the main things was a bedroom. So Cody moved into the closet and Zach stayed in the room.

Twins love to dress up as one another, to either mess with their friends or even to play a prank. “Me and my brother did dress up as each other and fixed our hair like each other and people definitely got our names mixed up, it was hilarious,” says senior Joe Malusky. This is a good prank idea on April Fool’s day for twins; everyone you know will be fooled.