Homecoming Spirit Week Deemed Inconvenient by Students


Seniors Jennifer Miller and Allison Amaya show their spirit by dressing up as Mario and Luigi on Character Day despite its early date. --Photo by Anne Wagner

Homecoming week can be the most exciting, colorful full spirited time in high school years; however students this year disagree on how early it is.

This year’s spirit week will commence Sept. 26 all the way through Sept. 30.The homecoming dance took place Oct. 1st. Most students felt this date was too early because of the loads of assignments to do before spirit week. “Homecoming week is too early, it doesn’t give teams and students enough time to practice,” said Senior Allisson Proano-Amaya. The football team needs more time to practice for the home game against Watkins Mill.

Students disagreed that Oct. 1 was inconvenient because they had to also study for the SAT. There is also the Jewish holiday Rosh Hashanah and a half-a-day the day after. Students this year felt that homecoming was too early, and some of the staff felt the same way. It is good to know that students are not the only ones who feel how weird it is to have spirit week in late September.

In addition, there are some teachers who believe that it is fine for spirit week to be earlier rather than later in the fall. A few of Prince George’s County Schools have their Homecoming Dance in December. “Homecoming traditionally is until the end of October, but it’s not that big of a deal. As long as we know ahead of time,” said Social Studies teacher Adjua Adama. Even though homecoming week was earlier than what we have expected, we still made the best of it and had fun.

The homecoming pep rally occurred at the end of spirit week when all the classes dressed up in school colors. At the pep rally, sport teams were introduced and poms and cheerleaders performed. Last year, there was a pie eating contest and students were randomly chosen to shoot a basketball at half-court. Even though spirit week and the pep rally were a lot of fun, it just seemed to be too early.

Homecoming week always has special days, where the students and even staff members dress up as characters, twins and even in 80’s fashion. “My favorite day on spirit week is 80’s day, because it’s like a flash back from the past,” said senior Autumn Livingston. The celebration lasts for a whole week and that following weekend, and brings the school and each class together. This is the most creative time for students to just use their imagination and be confident.