SGA Handles Fundraising Money

SGA Handles Fundraising Money

While the SGA promises to give students a voice and make positive changes to the school community, some wonder whether it uses its funds effectively.

One probably wonders how the SGA raises its money. At the beginning of the year, the SGA had around $6,000 in its treasury. Throughout the year, the SGA held several fundraisers to raise money for its own functions and some to donate to different causes. The next big fundraiser they will hold is the annual Powder Puff game, where the senior girls face the junior girls in a football game.

So, what exactly does the SGA do with its money? The SGA donates a lot of its money to charity. SGA Co-President, junior Jake Sorrells said, “I need to figure out a good cause to give some of our money to this year.” The SGA plans to send out a survey April 13 to allow students to vote on the charity that will receive a monetary donation from the SGA.

Additionally, most of the fundraisers that the SGA holds are designed to give money directly to charity. The RHS Holiday drive raised money for needy families around Christmas time. The money raised during this year’s Powder Puff game will benefit “Shepherd’s Table” in Wheaton, Md.

However, not all of their fundraisers deal with money. The SGA raised canned food for Manna during homecoming. SGA supervisor Dawn Rundhammer said, “We hope to have time to plan one more fundraiser before the end of the school year.”

What the SGA does not give to charity, it uses to for yearly fees, such as a beginning of the year retreat for SGA members and supplies such as bulletin boards and posters. Furthermore, the SGA pays for the end of the year luncheon for RHS staff.

On the RHS website, the SGA states, “We are here to serve as advocates to the RHS student body and to serve our community with participation in many service projects.” The SGA does not necessarily need money to fulfill this mission, so it is wise of them to use their money to create positive change in the community.

The SGA is an extremely beneficial organization for the student population. The SGA serves as a voice for the students and allows students to have a say in what goes on around the school. This service is a great help to everyone in the school and creates a better means of communication between faculty and students.

It is rumored that the SGA does not make good use of its money, but this is not really true. The SGA certainly has not wasted any of its money and is just waiting for the right time to use it to maximize its benefit for the student population.

The SGA does not need to alter the way it handles its funds. Just because they do not spend often does not mean that they are not using it properly. The SGA is an organization designed to serve the student population and if it’s doing that then it’s doing fine.